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Is your computer acting funky? Or do you have electronics that won't work together? No problem, we can help!
You can submit a service ticket, via our online request form, or, if it's an emergency, you can call us at (818) 794-0253. We are even available to help you after business hours!


We repair a large variety of home computers, workstations, servers, laptops, printers, most LCD monitors, and other devices at affordable prices.

Networking & Security

Our services offer a wide variety of networking solutions for home and small business. Whether wireless, local, virtual private, or wide area networks, we have solutions for common or unique networking needs. Specialized security options are also available with an assortment of hardware and software firewalls. For more advanced business systems, we are fully certified to create internal custom security designs.

Data Solutions

Your technology is only as good as the data it holds, and losing data can create major issues. At Technology 42, the customer's priorities come first, ensuring your data is secured. We provide complete system and/or incremental backups, data retrieval, and data transfer. Additonally, our video conversion service can preserve outdated VHS home movies in a digital format.
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